Teachings from the Diamond Sutra

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One of our favourite little routines is to take something to share and read out loud to each other in the mornings — with a mug of tea each. We often choose poetry and read a few poems that we can share and reflect upon before we start our day. It is one of the joys of our retirement together.

This week we chose to revisit the Diamond sutra once more. It is one of those teachings that you can read again and again and each time it reveals more to you, or takes you back to an awareness that…

The trouble with spiritual breakthrough and mental health services

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Is seeing the light a mental breakdown or a spiritual breakthrough?

I have been to see the northern lights and they are fantastic though this is a stock photo and the ones I saw were not quite this amazing. They were very real yet ethereal and that is what I want to distinguish between here with mental states too.

I know someone who is currently going through a very tough time with depression and she has asked me to be her support friend in professional meetings with her mental health team. They all say they respect her spiritual approach to…

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Mindfulness can bring you into discovering the fullness of your own potentials at any stage of your life. It did that for me by first showing how loud and mistaken the inner voices were and then breaking down the voices that told me I was no good and had no spark of creativity.

Creativity can be a way of accessing your inner self, your spiritual depths even. It enables you to express yourself in ways that ordinary daily activity is unable to do so. However we do it, that is not the point. It allows us to be a whole…

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The moon is setting now,
slowly sinking away from our vision
behind darkened trees.
A clear night sky slowly yields
to the soft greys of morning,
the hushed night’s whispers
fade into history so soon.

Dawn is a silence filled
with the noise of life only,
with birdsong, frost dripping
from bud speckled, naked young twigs,
earth creaking and whispering
to the noise of millions of living beings
whose existence we never consider.

Dawn is tranquility, it is the greeting of the day, the farewell of the night. It is the transitions between sleep and awakened. Today I awaken more…

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We are looking for original pieces with strong links to a spiritual basis for living. We especially want mindfulness, yoga, spirituality, and psychologies relating to these. We welcome new writers.

To be added as a writer please contact one of the main editors — Sylvia Clare MSc. Psychol, Erika Burkhalter, or Ann Litts — to have any new submission reviewed. If the submission meets the publication’s requirements, you will be added as a writer. You may then submit your work to the publication for consideration. We endeavor to publish within twenty-four hours of submission.


Choose tags that coincide with our…

A poem from a prompt and a quote.

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The boils erupting, puss oozes from these political craters,
the twin stinks of corruption and inequality pervade the air,
and people are protesting, there is chaos everywhere.
Yet gradually there is a stirring, our hearts are waking up
the division and hatred are dissolving, slowly we turn
to love, the ultimate healer of all wounds, of all life.

Striding far ahead, walking strong and proud, pushing…

How a bird filled my heart

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Photo by Chris on Unsplash

I have a patch of woodland garden behind my home which is a place I love to be. I’d been swimming in the sea just before so was cold but warming up well enough and thought how lovely it was being outdoors in the wintry sunshine. I decided to go and weed out the little seedlings of all the plats that I didn’t want and which were still growing even though they are supposed to be dormant at this time of year. But it is getting very mild and apart from a few frosts is it still growing season right…

How you eat matters too, and it is good to develop this practice during lockdowns.

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Photo by Haryo Setyadi on Unsplash

We are just coming out of a season of feasting and possibly over eating, with Christmas, New Year and other feasting celebrations occurring. It is part of what makes winter easier to get through, and that is traditionally why we invented these feast days. So what do we or how should we eat to be mindful at the same time.

What I eat, or rather what we eat as a couple matters a great deal to us. We do not want to consume things that are harmful to our bodies or to the lives of other beings. …

Sylvia Clare MSc. Psychol

Mindfulness teacher, poet, author of ‘The Well Mannered Penis’, ‘No Visible Injuries’, ‘Living Well and Loving ADHD’ ‘Julia’ and others.

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