Triggering the Dark Night of the Soul

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sun setting on a day I struggled with

Dear God please let me go soon. Please send me a condition that ends it for me now so that I don’t have to give into my wrists and hurt those who love me, for whatever reason they find appropriate, since I deeply know how much they are mistaken and have not yet woken up to my basic unloveableness and unworthiness to exist.

Life is a spectrum disorder.

‘Shine light on your trauma and it will dissolve.’

I challenge that world and the sadness it sows in me for others. I challenge those damaged parental voices too. I do it through my writing. I do it in my meditation. I do it in my approach to life.

Written by

Mindfulness teacher, poet, author of ‘The Well Mannered Penis’, ‘No Visible Injuries’, ‘Living Well and Loving ADHD’ ‘Julia’ and others.

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