Turning rage into a revolution of peace

recent marches against austerity in UK

I take part in protests and marches, mostly political against injustices towards people or planet, they both make my blood boil. There are so many things that make my blood boil that I could march every day of the week.

I used to feel angry like that too, about different things, but for similar reasons. I have also been very angry and made protests in and about my own family life.

I came from an abusive childhood that had profound effects on my mental health for decades, but I learned so much from living through trauma which can now be applied to political based trauma too. For me the link is clear. People are being traumatised daily by political systems that abuse without any consideration for what they are doing, just as my parents did to me.

Oppressed people of the world, I understand your rage and anger and your desire to fight back and stick up for yourself etc. We need to do this all the time — to keep the pressure on and make sure those who wish to silence us all are not allowed to do this. I broke my silence by writing, more and more wisdom that comes from trauma, but more and more memories of trauma too, more and more of what I have lived through. I write to heal, and to share and learn.

The sheer stupidity and ignorance of all that racist and gender hatred based rhetoric, the insanity of setting people up against each other, the injustice and blindness of it all are so frustrating. How many wonderful people with wonderful skills and talents are being sidelined, defeated and trashed in this rush for power and dominance. Money talks but it also loses out badly here too. The rich and mega rich who are behind the majority of this abuse are running scared because they know what they have started and have created and realise their time will soon be up.

That is all that it is, a desperate attempt to gain control of as much of everything as they can because they are terribly, terribly afraid.

The list of things they are afraid of is in itself immense but it includes not being that great really, not even being that bright really, not being able to see the bigger perspective and understand human emotions and emotional intelligence at all. But more than that they are in a minority and that makes them more afraid than anything…



Sylvia Clare MSc. Psychol, mindfulness teacher

mindfulness essayist, poet, advocate for mental health and compassionate living, author of ‘No Visible Injuries’, ‘Living Well and Loving ADHD’ and many others