Paradigms that bind us, paradigms that blind us

People are too proud of their minds — it is not their greatest treasure.

Great minds think alike — and that is the trouble, minds are like hive creatures. The second part of that saying is that fools seldom differ — an old Greek proverb which suggests that minds are not so clever after all.

Most minds follow accepted wisdom and prefer not to think too far outside the box. Hive minds do not challenge accepted wisdom, do not think NO! I shall not follow the rules today — I shall do something different. There are so many conformities, even in the art world where people are supposed to challenge the rules overtly and shock or provoke reactions in some way, there is still a narrative which has its own rules, a secret code or language that people must understand so that they can ‘get art’ and yet leave it so obscured to the rest of us. But these rules should also surely be challenged, confronted and broken where possible. When someone does do exactly this rebellion the hive minds seek to close it down, to censure it and punish the perpetrators to send a clear message to the rest of those who may be tempted.

Thinking leads the human race into so many bad blind alleys, so many damaged and damaging paradigms; so many destructive behaviours. Think of all forms of violence and destruction. Yes I know we have to destroy in order to create but some destruction is purely wanton and nothing to do with creation at all; it has everything to do with thoughts about power, domination and control.

Some of us are less lucky than those contented conformists. I have had my astrology chart read a few times by very gifted people- they all say the same things too- which to me makes sense if it is written in the stars. I am here to confront and thus bring about change. No small task then.

The training for this duty was interesting but makes sense if you do look at my life in this way. For instance my parents were what I call desperate conformists, but my mother was naturally a non conformist and came from a long line of similar women. Social acceptance is what they both craved deeply, to fit in and be approved of. My mother never achieved that because attempts to mould her in childhood had left its scars and traumatised her into a near monster of a mother who denied everything she was, to her own detriment.

We cannot help being who we are the non conformists. It does not come from the mind but from some place far deeper and more powerful. It will not let you rest until it sees the light of day.

There have been people like this throughout history and many of them have met sticky ends, but nevertheless are mostly vindicated by the progress of human evolution. Many were put to death, or incarcerated. Names like Galileo, Rasputin, Joan of Arc, Martin Luther King spring to mind. Great people who are subjects of fascination or venerated in their absence, their message got through even if their own bodies had to return to the land of infinite potentials. We owe a lot to them but yet still perpetuate the routine suppression of ideas that challenge the present day status quo. Yet human evolution marches on anyway, generation by generation we see how people are shifting their paradigms of what it mean to be human — female or male, black or white.

So let us drop the veneration of the mind — or the intellect and measured forms of limited intelligence and instead move to a new paradigm, that of the heart — or rather what the heart represent to us. Unlike the mind, the heart is full of emotions, energy in motion, constantly changing and moving with us through our moment to moment experiences. The heart is about love and kindness and compassion. Cooperation is what got us this far into the evolution of planet earth and it is what till get us through this next phase of self destruction if we learn quickly how to harness its power for change for the benefit of each and every one of us.

These small minded individuals who think if they collect enough around them they can protect themselves and their own genetic lines from extinction are the same ones who are driving us towards it- step by step their desperation for power and control are destroying everything including their own hopes of a happy life because they are dominated by fear and that is what drives them to deny and march relentlessly on with their mental blindness in full control.

I was born to be a rebel. It is not an easy option. I have had the training, now I must do the work. My best tool is my writing, reading the words of others led me to a place of reconciliation and now it is my turn to write so that others may read and be reconciled in turn. It is not only my role, there are many of us now on the same path. We are a disconnected band of individuals who will slowly collect and connect and find each other and create the changes we all need. We will do it lovingly but firmly. We are building. There are many voices out there already saying wonderful things but as this collective grows we can join our voices and our messages so that we are the many to be heard by the few instead of the other way around.

We come from heart, mind is only a useful tool to use alongside, heart is our director, our satellite guidance system if we should get lost.

Mind will tell you of its importance of course. All the time! Given the chance it will take over all management and control functions, and of course make all the kinds of mistakes that management make, such as not considering the importance of other, the bigger picture, self interest and all the the limiting perspectives it likes to indulge in. Like the Fred Goodwin who took the TSB bank to such heights in the UK, to much acclaim, and then the whole thing crashed. Ego is all mind and no heart

You see heart doesn’t do that kind of thing — heart looks at others, uses compassion and sensitivity, looks beyond the self interest to the collective. Heart has — well heart, and that sums it up. Without heart we are machines, morons, droids.

Mindfulness teacher, poet, author of ‘The Well Mannered Penis’, ‘No Visible Injuries’, ‘Living Well and Loving ADHD’ ‘Julia’ and others.

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